Showing Appreciation

Sometimes the smallest gesture can go a really long way. Even the most seemingly insignificant bit of assistance can mean a world of difference to someone.

This happened to be the case with all the veterans of the Servant Center, a homeless shelter in Greensboro, North Carolina. Founded in 1993, the Servant Center was initially a small venture that eventually expanded, adding a wing for veterans. Now, the organization has over 75% veteran occupancy.

This past Veteran’s Day, Disabled Veterans National Foundation decided to try a new program. We wanted to really show our appreciation for their service and sacrifice. It was decided that we would offer a grant to a select few veteran organizations so that they could put on their own special event for this important day. One of these organizations was the Servant Center.

The Servant Center was planning to put on a Veterans Day celebration for its 30 occupants and their families. However, events like this aren’t typically an item on the budget. Shanna, the Servant Center’s executive director, told DVNF about the event that they hosted, called “Salute,” at a local park. The only way to describe the event would be…awesome!


Bocce ball, Battleship, golf, fishing, and BBQ?! I can’t think of a better way to show appreciation for veterans than these activities! They also had a ceremony, and all of the veterans were presented with a certificate to recognize their military service. In addition, Shanna told us that it was particularly special because they invited friends and family to celebrate with them.


Eight other organizations were offered this grant for Veteran’s Day, and all eight were very excited that DVNF created this program. This got us thinking; why does veteran’s appreciation only have to be for one day of the year?

We didn’t have a good answer for that. So we decided to make it a year-round program. DVNF is currently offering a $1,000 grant to veteran homes and other veteran service organizations to host an appreciation event or outing for the veterans that they serve—any time of the year. DVNF just wants these organizations to guarantee it will be as fun and rewarding as the event that the Servant Center had!

For more information on the Veterans Appreciation program, visit our Veterans Appreciation page

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