Scott B. – U.S. Army

Scott was a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and single father of two girls. Upon his return from combat, a new battle began with PTSD. Throughout this already difficult time in his life, he and his wife divorced, causing even more disarray. After a while, however, his daughters came to live with him, furthering stretching his already limited budget.

Scott was only able to work part time at his mechanic job, but then lost the job causing things to get even worse. Meanwhile, the holiday season was fast approaching, bills began to pile up, and so did the stress.

“I had to explain to my girls that us grown-ups sometimes have to decide between having a place to stay and having the utilities on comes before all else, and that when I was able to get some extra money, I would get them the gifts I was unable to afford this year” he said.

It was even more difficult when his oldest daughter began to act out. This is an unfortunate trend that occurs when a parent returns from combat stricken with PTSD. As Scott described it, “she has been through a lot, and with me coming back from Iraq with all of my problems, it didn’t help her mentally.” Despite this difficulty in his life, he continued with his treatment at the V.A. and kept his head held high.

Things began to improve for Scott after the holiday season. He decided he would take advantage of the GI Bill and return to school. A friend was willing to let him work part time as a mechanic in his shop, but in the mean time, he would be behind on his rent and utilities until his GI Bill payments came through. He applied for DVNF’s GPS Home program, and was approved for a grant to help him until he was able to get his finances in order.

“Thank you so much. I can’t begin to tell you how much this means to me and my family. This grant has lifted a great burden off my chest.”

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