Veteran Stories- Harold

Harold, a combat veteran of Vietnam, lived a modest life. He was financially stable, collecting pay from his job as a traveling salesman, coupled with his retirement pension. After receiving this retirement pension for several years, the agency in charge of this money made a grave mistake, claiming that Harold been overpaid which effectively cut this pension in half.

He appealed the decision, and the court declared that he was actually never overpaid. The problem, however, would not be resolved for another 60 days. In the mean time, Harold was not able to work because of vehicle problems. While this was happening, past due rent was still needing to be paid.

Harold explained, “Not having a car—a job requirement—left me with no means to make the money that had been the difference between me drowning and staying afloat. My situation was really a short term problem, but being evicted and homeless before it was solved was a very real possibility.

When Harold came to DVNF, he had already been turned away for help by several local organizations. “When I was finally referred to DVNF, I sensed a shift…a possibility. They made me feel like addressing my problem was genuinely important to them,” he said.

DVNF helped Harold with his rent while his pension was being reinstated. It is a small token of appreciation for his honorable service to our country.

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