Webinar and Scholarship News and Updates!

As mentioned in previous posts, Disabled Veterans National Foundation has two exciting programs that are coming up. However, we have made some time and date changes for these programs.

Due to Hurricane Sandy’s devastating impacts on New York and New Jersey, it comes with great regret that we must postpone our November 7th webinar on converting military experience to civilian job credentials. Our speaker, Mr. Christopher Kerney, is unfortunately located in New Jersey, and his area was hit somewhat hard by the storm. After being without power for over a week, and having just gotten back into his office, he is in need of more time to catch up and prepare for the webinar. Our thoughts go out to Mr. Kerney, and we hope that everything improves for all of our neighbors in the Northeast.

To make it easy on everybody, we have simply pushed the webinar back a week. The webinar will now take place on Wednesday, November 14, at 1 pm ET. I hope that everyone is still able to make it, as it will be very informative! For those who have not registered, there is still time to sign up for this free veterans employment webinar!

On to the second program update: our DVNF Scholarship deadline has been extended to December 1st! We have received a great response, and applications are still rolling in for the $1,000 scholarship, so we wanted to make sure everyone had ample time to submit their scholarship application.

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