DVNF Partners with Socialvest to Help Vets This Holiday Season

Holidays can be stressful; there is no doubt about that. Cooking, cleaning, wrapping gifts, and how could you forget the dreaded shopping that goes with it? All these tasks certainly make the holidays hectic. Not to mention that this is supposed to be the time of year for giving.

So why not kill two birds with one stone? With so little time to spare, and with all the money you spend on gifts for your loved ones, it can sometimes be difficult to find some wiggle room in your schedule or budget to give your time and money to those in need.

To make things a little easier, Disabled Veterans National Foundation is partnering with Socialvest to brighten the holidays for America’s disabled veterans and their families. Socialvest allows you to shop online with your favorite retailers (we’re talking Amazon, Saks Fifth Avenue, Target, Expedia) and earn money for causes you care about. It’s free, it’s easy and all you have to do is sign up here: https://www.socialvest.us/get-involved/register/dvnf

Socialvest is such an innovative idea, and DVNF is proud to partner with them! With each purchase, you are making a big difference in the lives of veterans all over the country. So while you deal with the holiday stress, take comfort in knowing that this is an easy and efficient way to help!

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