Veteran Stories: Rick R. – U.S. Army

Rick, a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and father of two children, was also a student. Using his Post-9/11 GI Bill, he was attending college in California to ensure a comfortable life for him and his kids, despite having 100% service-connected disability.

Rick’s mom and stepfather lived on the east coast. When his stepfather grew very ill, Rick flew all the way across the country to be with his mother while she dealt with her husband’s illness. It then became clear to Rick that he needed to relocate to be with his family. He transferred his school credits to a college in his new city and secured an apartment, but then he had to fly his kids in from California.

Rick’s stepfather passed away soon after, and Rick had to take on a lot of responsibility, including helping his mother financially. Unfortunately, he was not able to handle the excess expenses that continued to mount, and found himself coming up short on his rent for the next month. He came to Disabled Veterans National Foundation for help with his temporary setback, and was awarded a grant for $1,000 to help him make ends meet during this difficult time.

“[My family and I] were overwhelmed with happiness and relieved of the great amount of stress we were under,” Rick said to DVNF. “We cannot thank you enough from the bottom of our hearts. To know that there are people in this country that care means so much.”

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