DVNF January ENewsletter: New VIDEO EXCLUSIVE

DVNF Launches “On Any Given Night” Video to Boost Awareness on Veteran Homelessness

Last year, homelessness amongst veterans decreased, which is great news. However, there is still so much work to be done on this front. To help increase awareness, DVNF has launched a powerful video that depicts the facts surrounding the American crisis of homeless and struggling veterans.

Please watch the new DVNF Video “On Any Given Night” to learn the facts around our veterans in crisis and how DVNF is making a difference. Also, please subscribe to our Official YouTube channel here to see more videos of ongoing activities of DVNF!

GIving Thanks and Spreading Holiday Cheer! DVNF Board Members Visit Walter Reed

For the past three years, DVNF has been fortunate enough to visit Walter Reed National Military Medical Center just before the holidays to visit with wounded warriors recovering from injuries suffered in battle. DVNF continued this annual visit on December 21st with board members Mike McNaughton and Lynda Waldroop.

During the visit, 200 Visa gift cards of $100 were given out to wounded service members recovering at the facility. The holiday gift cards, totaling $20,000, are the DVNF’s way of giving thanks to these members of the armed forces for their selfless service to the nation and to help brighten the holidays for these individuals and their families.

The sister of one of the servicemen at Walter Reed expressed her appreciation and had this to say to DVNF:

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the very generous Visa gift card that I received while visiting my brother at Walter Reed. I know many people are in a much more difficult situation than my family; however, the gift card was appreciated because we have had a difficult year emotionally and financially.”

Grant Spotlight

IMG_8077a VETS-OXBOW (2)

Honoring Our Veterans – If you recall, DVNF gave a grant last year to the Wyoming-based organization, Honoring Our Veterans. This is an outstanding organization that provides rehabilitative and recreational therapy to OIF/OEF combat-wounded veterans. DVNF’s grant helped 22 veterans heal in this program through water sports, fly fishing, horseback riding, and hunting therapy in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area.

June WW

Veterans who attended this program said that it would change their lives forever. One veteran said that the program showed him that “Love and caring can truly outweigh anger and bitterness.” Powerful statements such as this show the importance of organizations like Honoring Our Veterans, and also demonstrate why help from groups like DVNF are essential to funding their outstanding veterans programs.

To all of the donors and supporters of Disabled Veterans National Foundation, we sincerely thank you for all you have done to support our veterans and our foundation in 2012. We vow to keep up the momentum of the work we are doing for veterans, and with your help, we can make 2013 even more successful than last year!

Precilla Wilkewitz

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