DVNF Announces Two New Board Members

Disabled Veterans National Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of Steve Weyher and Mike McNaughton to its board of directors. Both men are veterans and will join four other veteran volunteers on the organization’s board.

Steve Weyher is a Vietnam veteran of the U.S. Army who served until 1971. As a business owner near Fort Sill, Oklahoma, he quickly established himself as an outstanding citizen and active member of the community. Weyher began his advocacy for veterans when he later moved to Branson, Missouri.

Steve Weyher

Weyher realized the need for more appreciation and comprehensive services to be offered to veterans in Branson, and used his expertise to rally his community in this effort. His attempts were so successful that Branson is now known as the “Veterans Capital of the Nation.” With countless accolades for his tireless service, both in the military and on behalf of its former personnel, Weyher remains humbled and committed to helping veterans.

Mike McNaughton, also a veteran of the U.S. Army, and served in the military until 2004. The Tarry Town, New York native joined the Louisiana National Guard in 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Despite having already served ten years, he decided to continue his service. As a noncommissioned officer in charge of mine clearing in Afghanistan, an explosion in 2004 caused McNaughton to lose his leg.

Mike McNaughton Bike

Since that time, McNaughton has been an inspiration to veterans and amputees throughout the country. He served as an advisor to the White House on OIF/OEF disabled veterans issues from 2004-2007, and is currently employed with the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs as the Veteran Outreach and Special Projects Director. In this role, he works directly under Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, to help pass legislation for the benefit of veterans. In addition, McNaughton does speaking engagements all throughout the country, and conducts mobility and cycling clinics for amputees at military and VA hospitals.

We are very excited to have Mike and Steve on board. Their outstanding service to our country and our veterans will be assets that can help to continue the advancement our growing organization, and offer new perspective on ways to help veterans.

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