Veteran Stories – Shannon, U.S. Army

Western Family1Sometimes, we all just need a little help.

That is where Shannon and her family found themselves. A veteran of the U.S. Army, the wife of a veteran, and proud mother of 5, Shannon could not bear to let her family suffer as a result of a few burst pipes in their house. But that was their reality. Piping problems led to water damage, which then led to their heater breaking just in time for winter. And because the problem was a result of water pipes leaking, their homeowner’s insurance would not cover the cost of the damages.

To make the situation much more urgent, the kids began to get sick from the cold, and with a 15-month-old, something had to be done. With Shannon’s husband unemployed, she knew her income would not be sufficient to cover the repairs and their looming mortgage payment. They needed help.

“In order to pay for this, we were going to have to spend our money allotted for our mortgage payment to cover the cost of the repairs” Shannon told DVNF. “We really needed the help.”

DVNF helped Shannon and her family with a $1,000 grant for her mortgage so she could fix the pressing issues with her house.

“I just wanted to send out my sincere thank you. You have no idea how amazing the timing of the payment was,” Shannon said upon receiving the grant. “We really appreciate this organization and those who support it.”

A donation of even $15 can make all the difference to a family like Shannon’s. So please, join DVNF today in the fight to help our veterans!  Your support could make a difference in the life of a veteran like Shannon.

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