DVNF Announces New Employment Webinar, Featuring Ted Daywalt

DVNF is pleased to announce its next veterans’ employment webinar! The webinar will take place on Thursday, April 11th at 1PM Eastern. Our speaker for this webinar will be our good friend, Ted Daywalt, the CEO of VetJobs.com. It is a free webinar, and is open to all veterans and veteran employment counselors.

Mr. Daywalt’s topics of discussion for the webinar will be: Types of jobs best suited for veterans and who is hiring veterans right now. These topics were chosen by veterans and veteran employment counselors in a recent employment webinar survey conducted by DVNF.

Mr. Daywalt is published and is an in demand speaker for various business organizations, government agencies and universities, speaking on recruiting and retention, the Internet, educational and economic trends, military and veterans issues. Mr. Daywalt regularly works with congressional committees on veteran and economic issues and has been appointed to many government agency review committees regarding military/veteran, employment and economic issues. DVNF is thrilled to have an accomplished expert in veteran employment to come speak for this webinar, so don’t miss it! Sign up today.

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