Veteran Stories – James M.

James M.

James was single father and a veteran of the U.S. Army, where he served 8 honorable years. He was a reliable and hard-working employee who had worked with the same construction company for 20 years.

However, James’s job security was in jeopardy when new management bought out his company. Due to his stellar track record, he was allowed to stay with the new company, but drastic changes took effect soon after, and he found himself unemployed—with 4 kids and bills to pay.

“I was surprised at how hard it was to find a job after that. I struggled to pay the bills, and even tried to offer my services as a handyman wherever I could find work,” James said.

James began working part-time as a handyman wherever he could find work, just to try and make ends meet. He finally found a full-time job with a new company, but it was going to take about a month before the company’s new contract was finalized. In the meantime, he was 2 months behind on his rent and desperately needed help.

DVNF helped him with his rent, and he is now back on his feet.

“Being a single parent in this economy is a hard situation to deal with, but I remain positive. Words cannot express how grateful I am to DVNF for this help. I’d like to say thank you, from me and my family. We sincerely appreciate all your help.”

This is just one story of the work DVNF has been doing to help our veterans. This Memorial Day, remember James’s story, and help DVNF continue its mission to serve.

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