This Memorial Day, #WeRemember


In honor of the upcoming Memorial Day Holiday,  DVNF wants you to join our campaign to honor the veterans that are close to you!

Here’s how it works: send a photo of one of your loved ones who served in the military (in uniform would be great!). Send it to, or send it in a Facebook message with a little background on who is in the picture, when they served, and your interesting, inspirational tidbits about them. Then, just email or post in a message to Facebook. We will publish the most inspiring entries in their honor on our blog, on Facebook and on

We are making a digital scrapbook on Facebook, and will tweet some of the entries as well. This will be a great way to give a little bit of insight into the service of veterans, and how many families are military families in some way or another.

Please reblog and spread the word!

Deadline is May 23 – Let’s hear stories of the veterans you know! For more, visit:

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