Veteran Stories- Bruce

Bruce N.


Life after military service is often a strenuous transition, especially when entering the workforce. Bruce, a combat veteran of the Army, made the transition effectively during a strong economic bubble, but when that bubble burst, things began to sour. He lost his job and entered a new combat zone –finding employment.

“I had an interview with a bank. I thought the interview went well and since I was referred by an employee that I used to work with, I thought I had a good possibility of getting the job,” said Bruce.

Unfortunately, that interview coincided with Standard & Poor’s downgrading the U.S. credit rating, which resulted in a hiring freeze. Bruce was now faced with a financial crisis of his own, and that’s when he turned to DVNF.

“Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude to everyone at the Disabled Veterans National Foundation. When I opened your letter that said you had granted my request for assistance –I was moved to tears…I’ve got to tell you, it takes a lot to touch a combat Vet right in the heart like that!”

DVNF provided Bruce with a grant to help him make a mortgage payment until he was able to find a roommate to help negate the costs.

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