Disabled Veterans National Foundation Introduces New Executive Director


The Disabled Veterans National Foundation is pleased to announce its new Executive Director, Sergeant Major (Ret.) Joseph VanFonda.

Sgt. Maj. VanFonda, a 27-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, was recently tapped by the DVNF Board of Directors to carry the young organization into the future, and prepare for new generations of veterans returning home.

DVNF President, Precilla Wilkewitz, offered a statement on the hiring of VanFonda:

“Sgt. Maj. VanFonda is not only a decorated, combat veteran, but he has also been an active force in the care and advocacy of wounded and injured troops during his time as the Wounded Warrior Regimental Sergeant Major of the Marines.

“The DVNF Board chose VanFonda to lead DVNF because he is a knowledgeable, well-respected leader in the veterans community. His strong management skills and experience working with nonprofit organizations in the past makes him an ideal individual to carry DVNF to the forefront of assisting veterans. Despite the growing pains DVNF has experienced, VanFonda has already shown that he is serious about a civilian career devoted to the needs of fellow veterans.”

VanFonda has already expressed his vision for DVNF. He plans to announce a new core concept of operation for the organization. The upcoming initiative will aim to be a complete resource for disabled veterans in need of assistance. He is preparing the organization for big changes that will make it more effective in its service to veterans, streamlining operations, and expanding reach.

“I am honored to be a part of this growing organization,” said VanFonda. “We have a small, but dedicated staff that works extremely hard, a supportive base of donors, and an overall structure primed for success in becoming a one-stop resource for veterans; I am here to shore up that structure, and build up the foundation. These men and women who have fought for us are in need, and I have every intention of helping them in every way possible.”

Sgt. Maj. VanFonda expects a busy fall for DVNF, and hopes to make strides in the services DVNF offers veterans. He also expressed his desire to establish more accountable practices and procedures with the organization, and vows that transparency is crucial to the success of DVNF.

Upon hearing of VanFonda’s new civilian role, a former colleague commented, “I had the privilege of working with SGTMAJ [VanFonda] several years ago.  I know SGTMAJ to be genuinely focused on taking care of military members from all branches and their families.  He is definitely the right man for the job!”

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