Happy Thanksgiving from DVNF!

On behalf of DVNF, I would like to wish all Veterans a safe, warm and Happy Thanksgiving!

These last few years I have traveled many days inside and outside the holidays visiting our American Heroes.  I have seen our aging heroes wait in long lines for the medical care that they have earned. I’ve visited the burn unit in San Antonio, Texas, prosthetic departments in many VA hospitals throughout the nation, and as I returned back to DC, I continue to be in awe of the resiliency that our Veterans & current service members show as they heal from their combat injuries.  From the Veterans waiting in line for their prescriptions, to the military men and women transitioning into Veteran status, I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I wish you and your loved ones a blessed holiday. 
I would also like to give a shout out to Scott Harper in Tennessee!  Thank you Scott for your generous donation. It was wonderful speaking with you! Have a wonderful holiday and please stay in contact, brother!
From one Veteran to another, thank you for your service.
Semper Fi
Joe VanFonda (SgtMaj Ret)

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from DVNF!

  1. Hello, sgtmaj., I want to thank you for your service, and would like to know how I as a disabled veteran with anxiety can i reach out for help during the holiday season. I live in Memphis, and i’m being taken care of at the v.a., but I find myself with no food or funds to even support my bills, I’ve been in three different branches, but I feel that I have no where to turn. I see a lot of veterans receiving help, but i’m made to feel that it does not apply to me, I’ve served gladly, but feel that i’m not worthy to ask for help. Thanks for your audience. Happy Thanksgivings!

  2. Hey SgtMaj, This is the House moose from Plt2008 Fox company. Glad to see all is well on your end would love to catch up sometime. Semper Fi.

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