WWII Hero a True Inspiration in Arizona

Disabled Veterans National Foundation has had the honor of helping so many veterans of all walks of life over the years. And we were fortunate enough to recently receive some great news from Adult Care Services (ACS), in Prescott, Arizona.

As you may recall, Adult Care Services had their VA funding cut and many elderly veteranswere at risk of not getting the respite care they needed. DVNF helped them with a grant so they could continue serving veterans of our Greatest Generation.

Arizona Speaker of the House, Andy Tobin, paid a visit to ACS on Veterans Day to recognize the organization for its work. During his visit, he met Mr. Lewis Taylor, a 95 year-old veteran beneficiary of ACS and DVNF’s work.  That day, Mr. Taylor recited a poem he learned in 2nd grade.

Lewis Taylor

Lewis Taylor


The poem, written by John McCrae after the WWI Battle of Ypres (1915), inspired Speaker Tobin so much that he invited Mr. Taylor to be his honored guest at the opening session of Arizona State Congress in January, and recite the poem again.

Mr. Taylor, a 5-time Bronze Star Medal recipient, who once stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, stood up and delivered the poem, receiving a standing ovation from all the members of congress!


Lewis Taylor during his opening for Arizona Congress.

Lewis Taylor during his opening for Arizona Congress.

Stephen Whisenhunt, Director of Marketing and Development for Adult Care Services, told DVNF, “This is a small example of what you are supporting with your generous grants and wonderful partnership and we thank you so very much.”

And we want to thank you, our donors and supporters, for helping make this inspirational story a reality with your generosity. If you would like to help DVNF continue to impact the lives of veterans, please donate today!

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