The Disabled Veterans National Foundation exists to change the lives of men and women who came home wounded or sick after defending our safety and our freedom.We achieve this mission by:

  • Providing direct services to disabled veterans and their families where needed.
  • Collaborating with like-minded organizations to provide those services whenever it is in the best interests of veterans and their families.
  • Paying particular attention to the needs of underserved groups of veterans, including women who served our country, homeless veterans, and those who suffer such
    invisible wounds as brain injuries and PTSD.
  • Working on our own and with other organizations to advance the interests of all disabled veterans and their families.

Priority Issues
The Disabled Veterans National Foundation works to advance a number of current issues that impact the lives of disabled veterans and their families. Some of these issues are illustrated by the news stories listed below;

7 thoughts on “About

  1. I have an address PO Box 96648 Washington Dc. 20090
    Is this the corrrect address to send a donation.
    I don’t trust have of the mail that I receive

  2. How does your organization rank in percentage of monies going to the veterans and families; how much for organizational expenses? Before I donate, I want to know. Thanks you.

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