DVNF Sends Goods to Georgia Stand Down Event

Disabled Veterans National Foundation recently sent over $559,000 worth of supplies to a Stand Down event in Columbus, Georgia. The event was hosted by the South Atlantic Center for Veterans Education and Training, Inc. (SAC/VET) on April 28, 2012. Actually, there were two separate Stand Down events hosted by SAC/VET—one for men, and one for women.

Among the many items DVNF sent to the event were: Xyzal allergy medication, Diabeta diabetes medication, moisturizers, cleaning supplies, emergency blankets, cleaning supplies, assortments of clothing, and much more. In addition, DVNF also sent care kits that were packaged specifically for women.

One of SAC/VET’s administrators reported the success of the event to DVNF. She said that a doctor at the event was able to accept the diabetes medications, and administer them accordingly. He would also take those medications to Phenix City, AL to the House of Restoration to prescribe to the residents at the facility. Here is what SAC/VET had to say about the shipment:

“One veteran of the Coast Guard who lives at House of Restoration told us he was diagnosed with diabetes when he went to the hospital for a stroke, and he was overwhelmed when he heard his diagnosis. The support items from DVNF were so touching to him because he had no way of buying the shoes he needed or getting his medicine and supplies on a regular basis. Once he even went without his medicine for over 30 days, so he was thrilled to hear DVNF had made a steady supply of it available to him. Another young veteran from House of Restoration was particularly excited to receive shoes from DVNF. He only owned one pair and had tried several times unsuccessfully to get some shoes at the VA, but he left the event with a brand new pair in his size.”

It is this type of story that helps us to remember the hardships faced by so many veterans. It is the reason DVNF sends so many supplies to Stand Down events all over the country. There are so many things that homeless and low-income veterans need, but can’t afford.

DVNF was more than happy to send these needed items, but what about things these veterans want? It has been our experience that on many of these shipments, it isn’t necessarily all about providing for the needs of veterans because when they receive something they want, it can affect morale in a way that no necessity can. That is the purpose of the care kits that were sent. There are many necessities in the kits, but when these veterans see something as small as lotion or a chocolate bar, it can improve their general well-being considerably.

To sum up the significance of the shipment, the SAC/VET administrator said it best; “The truckloads of goods that DVNF sends are doing far more than putting a coat on someone’s back or a meal in their stomach, they are giving hope to men and women who are so deserving and often have nowhere else to turn. And all they wanted to say was “Thank you, DVNF!”

SAC/VET thanking DVNF for the shipment of supplies to the Stand Down

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation Plans Deliveries of More than $1 Million to Veterans in 5 States

WASHINGTON – As part of an on-going effort to deliver needed goods and supplies to veterans around the nation, the Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) announces the recent delivery of $238,910.54 in supplies to ‘Operation Stand Down’ in Huntsville Alabama. The DVNF is also planning shipments to the VA Drop In Center in Little Rock Arkansas valued at $192,279.18 as well as truck load shipments valued at more than $200,000 each to veterans groups in Houston, Texas and Sacramento, California in the coming weeks. Continue reading